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15 Days Course in Photography

Course Duration: 15 Days(With Theory and Practical)

Course Content: (15 Days Course will Cover just the basics like: )

  • Learn basics of Photography
  • Understand your camera in detail
  • Understand the Lens you use and operation of different types of Lenses
  • What is Shutter, Aperture and ISO? How does it work
  • How to control Exposure and Play with different Exposure
  • How to control Depth of Field and its uses
  • Rules of Composition suitable for different frames
  • Color control in White Balance
  • Benefits of shooting Raw and Jpeg format
  • Know all the Camera Modes like Manual, Av, Tv…etc and its use.


In this fundamental course, students will identify basic photographic tools. What is photography? Different types of Photography, including the proper use of various camera systems and light meters, Basic colors or primary colors. Physics of camera i.e. how camera works and different types of camera, Camera handling, Physics of optics and its nature how lenses work and different types of Lense. What is shutter and its speed? What is aperture and how does it work?, What is ISO and metering, How do they work? White balance, Focusing points, File Format RAW or JPEG, Focusing mode,Depth of field, Exposure,Multiple exposure - Getting the nuts and bolts of the most important session of all, Perspective and Composition, Different types of shots/ Angle, Impact of weather conditions, Light and its nature, fall off of light and different sources and types of lights.......etc.


Digital Camera Expert Class, know Your Camera thoroughly.


What Is Exposure? Understanding How Exposure Affects Your Photographs

What Is different types of Exposure?

How Do You Determine the Correct Exposure?

How to play with different kind of Exposure

What Is Exposure Compensation?


Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos

How and where to place you subject

Use of pattern and shapes in Photography

Use of Colours and colour contrast


What are the different qualities of light?

Diffuse light

Side light or window light

How much light do you have to work with?

What is the quality and direction of light?


● D-SLR Camera

● Wide angle Lens and Zoom Lens