Capturing A Night Portrait

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Gear and location are important factors in capturing a good portrait. Photography can be both opted as a profession as well as a hobby. It covers a wide range of subjects which also includes art and science. There is no end of learning in photography as you will keep on brushing your skills as you will practice more and more. Being a professional photographer you should know the basic theory and technical information about photography. There are many rules in Photography Institute In Dehradun,Uttarakhand like understanding the white balance, high ISOs, adjustment of focal length, aperture and shutter priority and many others.

There are different photographers who are interested in different scenes like portrait, landscape model pictures etc. If you are interested to take great portrait photos at night then you must follow these steps:

·      GEAR:  You must use an off-light camera for capturing portraits at night. You should adjust your gear according to the location of the portrait.

·      LOCATION: It is the most important factor which is responsible for capturing great portraits. It is easy to shoot at daylight, but difficult at night. You must have a source of light while capturing the portrait. The medium of light can be any streetlight or headlight. The light should be fairly good otherwise it would not be possible to capture a good portrait.

·      WORK FLOW: You should take some initial photographers before finalizing them.

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